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From a prized family heirloom antique to a newly delivered dining table with the first scratch on it.

The Wood Wizard, Darrell Stimson serves individuals and families with wood touch-up, restoration, and preservation of the highest artistic and craft order. He will perform his services on-site, when possible, minimizing the need to move items off site.

Individuals, Families, Estates, and Trusts are some of the areas that we service fine woods in the form of fine furniture, kitchen and bath cabinets, architectural elements including stairs, entry doors, home offices, and libraries, bookshelves

Furniture pieces that have served generations and may be passed on to future generations are truly functional art and craft and bring history into the future if they are maintained. Imagine sleeping in your great grand parents bed that is now yours, or sitting and rocking in a rocking chair where Benjamin Franklin spent hours reading books of his time







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