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Oh my, you really are a wizard of wood. (and what a good photo from the iPHONE!) This is simply beautiful, and I'm sure in person it will knock my socks right off. Boy oh boy Darrell, you are a real star. Thank you for taking such fine care of her. I think it must have been the massage that got her to really glow. I'm so excited! 
Katherine -

Thank you so much for the beautiful work - all of it. I am enjoying the results. 
Mary Stanley -

We would like to thank you again for the wonderful job you have done on our dining room chairs, Morris chair and game table. It is wonderful to have someone work on your cherished & treasured furniture like it was his own. So many people just don't care. They come in, do a hurried and most of the time not thorough job. Not you. Again it was a wonderful experience and we are enjoying using our chairs and not feeling maybe they will collapse. Many, many thanks 
Gene and Audrey Gronau -

Words to express my pleasure are inadequate. You transformed my dressing table into a glowing, beautiful piece of furniture. I love it. I love it. Thank you for traveling out of your way to make me happy. Meeting you was a pleasure. 
Virginia Tamblyn -

This afternoon our daughter Judith presented us with our fire damaged music cabinet that you so expertly restored. My wife and I are in awe; "you sir" are truly a professional and we are so thankful for the results of your skill. Thank you so much and God Bless you and yours. 
George and Marjorie Garrls -

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