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Here are some tips for keeping wood furniture looking good:

  • Clean and polish your furniture at least every one to two months. Darrell Stimson, known as the Wood Wizard, recommends Murphy's oil soap. It's a vegetable oil soap that you dilute with water - he says. It's been around forever and is the best product out there.

  • Dust using the new microcrystalline cloths such as Swiffer.

  • Use furniture polish sparingly, maybe one or two times a year. Stimson's favorite product is Guardsman Cream Polish, sold mostly at hardware stores. He prefers it because it contains no silicone oils.

  • Use shoe polish, applied with a cotton swab, for small nicks.

  • Use coasters underneath beverages and planters - -don't ever let moisture sit on a surface.

  • Use trivets for hot items. If it's too hot to drink, it's too hot to put on your furniture.